Documentation Case Study

Client Project Summary
Dell Services for Sidra To develop and deliver blended learning training materials and supporting information for eight IT systems implemented in a Medical and Research Centre.


About the project

The client required documentation to support the users of eight IT systems. The required documentation was to be delivered in a variety of formats and applied in a variety of uses:

  • Trainer-led classroom materials for trainers and trainees in pdf format.
  • Introductions to the e-learning modules in the LMS / e-learning portal. Web page.
  • A Quick Reference Guide to support the e-learning module. Web page.
  • An online Help system for each of the eight systems.

To minimise duplication and streamline the authoring process I developed an XML authoring environment which could output, from a single set of source topics:

  • A web-page Quick Reference Guide which could be displayed and printed as the trainee was working through the e-learning.
  • Separate Trainer and Trainee guides (pdf documents).
  • A standalone Online Help system.

The tools used to develop the materials:

  • XML Spy – to author individual topics and output pdf and web page versions.
  • HTML Workshop – to build the table of contents for the webhelp.

Example documents

Example Trainee Course Notes document

The screenshot below shows the materials provided to trainees when they underwent trainer-led classroom training.

Click on the image to open the full document.


Example Quick Reference Guide

The image below shows one of the Quick Reference Guides when opened from within the e-learning portal.

The information in the guide is directly related to the task being performed in the e-learning.


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