Business Analysis and Project Management Case Study

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A case study

Client Project Summary
Meat Packing Facility The client, a meat processing company, wanted to move from a fully manual processing system in which individual butchers de-boned the meat on a piece-work basis, to a semi-automated line in which the butchers worked as a team.

Benefits identified and realised:

  • Facility fully compliant with regulations for meat preparation facilities. Click for information.
  • Increased productivity and quality.
  • Improved morale through increased and standardised earnings of boners.

Sharpening a knife

About the project

The project was split into two management stages:

  1. Facility refit
  2. Procure and integrate new plant into facility. Provide training to butchers and packers on new machinery and processes.

We used some aspects of PRINCE2 throughout the project:

  • Business Case
    We had a Business Case against which to test whether the project remained viable and achievable. It helped to keep our focus on meeting the immediate business need and not to allow scope creep.
  • Management phases

Stage 1 – Facility refit

The whole plant was to be refitted with flooring, wall covering and refrigerated air conditioning to be introduced into the cutting room.

For the analysis we examined:

  • The needs of the project sponsor and other stakeholders.
  • The cost of various flooring and walling options.
  • The lifespan of the various options.
  • The timescales involved in the refit.

Through a number of site visits and vendor discussions we decided to go with a poured concrete floor and sheet wall coverings.

For the project management I was responsible for the planning and scheduling of:

  • The stripping and preparation of the cutting room.
  • The installation of the new floor.
  • The installation of the wall coverings.
  • The installation of the cooling fans into the cutting room.

Phase 1 was completed in early 2014 on time and within budget tolerances.

Stage 2 – Procure and integrate new plant into facility

For the analysis stage we examined:

  • The needs of the project sponsor  and other stakeholders.
  • The machinery available.
  • The cost of the machines.

Through site visits and with vendor demonstrations we developed a short list of options and through a workshop decided on the most suitable option.

For the project management of this phase I was involved in the planning, scheduling and execution of:

  • Delivery, fit and test of new plant into the facility.
  • Preparation of training materials and to deliver training to the butchers on the new machinery.

Post project review

Following a settling period of one month we looked at the original aims of the project and found:

  • Productivity had increased.
  • Quality had improved.
  • Morale had improved.